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Square Artemisio
Mavroelia Black Olive tree Over 2500 years old
Poseidon – Pefki
Church Artemisio

Artemisio is a village of reasonable size and close to the beaches of Pefki and Asmini. It lies just 10 km from Istiea, the capital of North Evia.

There prevails a peaceful atmosphere in Artemisio.  Fresh produce and general wares can be purchased from travelling vendors. Furthermore, everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

In the village there is an ancient olive grove with an olive tree which is at least 2500 years old. Follow the signage from the main road, it’s well worth a visit.

The island of Evia is the second largest island in Greece and is located northeast of Athens close to the east coast of the mainland, Central Greece.
Evia is 180 km. long and its width varies from 7 to 50 km. Halfway over the island lies the main town of Chalkida where there is a bridge connection with the mainland. This makes it possible to reach Artemisio following a scenic route over the island.

Evia is a rural island with many small villages and has not been discovered by mass tourism.
The landscape is varied. The northern part is mountainous, the highest point being 1743 meters. The landscape is largely forested with rivers and waterfalls. In winter there is snow on the mountains.
On the coast there are both pebble and sandy beaches. Numerous bays and small fishing ports adorn the coast. In the hinterland you will find monasteries, churches and chapels.