Pefki beach
is 1.4 km distant, 3 minutes by car and is the main destination for vacationers in Northern Evia, with a 4.5 km beach stretch comprised of sand or pebbles and small stones giving visitors the choice to choose amongst both.
The boulevard restaurants have beds and parasols on the beach where you will be served snacks and drinks.
In August it is relatively busy, other weeks are quieter.
The Camping Pefki is 1.2 km away, 3 minutes by car. Here you can lie by the sea and swim. There are snacks for sale in the shop by the campsite. The sea is especially calm in the morning making it very comfortable for swimming.

Other favorite destinations:

Elinika, Aghios Nikolaos Beach
At 17.4 km, 25 minutes away by car is Elinika. Particularly attractive here is the island in the bay with the small church of Aghios Nikolaos which lends its name to the beach. In Aghios Nikolaos there are tavernas, restaurants and cafes. Worth visiting is the Aithrion restaurant (spectacular views) where you can have a delicious lunch or dinner. The hostess is Dutch.

Psarapouli Beach
21.4 km and 35 minutes by car is the beautiful bay of Psarapouli. Here too a new experience with a different part of the coast. A wide range of tavernas and restaurants can be found on the small, relaxed boulevard.

Oreoi beach & harbour
At 17.5 km and 23 minutes by car there is a marina where many sailing boats moor and good tavernas can be found on the boulevard.
There you can see the bull of Oreos. This harbour has existed since the 5th century BC. The bull was found in the waters of Oreoi and has been on display in a glass case since 1965.

An old harbor town, it lies 54 km distant and about 
60 minutes’ drive on good roads. You can enjoy a delicious lunch here on the boulevard directly overlooking the sea.

The town is old, picturesque and fun to walk through. There is a museum in Limni. It is an original, furnished merchant’s house from the 19th century. It is well worth a visit. There are the preserved ruins of ancient Byzantine buildings. The oldest convent in Greece is nearby, accessible by car with beautiful beaches along the way.

Loutra Edipsou (Edipsos)
A neat seaside resort that is located 33 km from Artemisio. It is one of the best-known spa resorts in Greece. It is famous for its hot mineral springs which flow directly into the sea with temperatures ranging from 34 to 70 C. The resort is popular among elderly people who come here for a cure.
There is a pretty seaside boulevard with cafes, restaurants and pastry shops. The harbour connects Loutra Edipsou with Arkitsa on the mainland.

Agio David, the monastery, is 42 km. away and is about a 1 hour drive.
Near the monastery are the waterfalls from which you can take a nice walk through the stunning natural hill country that is North Evia.

Kanatadika Beach
13 km. from Artemisio, beyond the capital Istiea, is located the beautiful beach of Kanatadika. There are fine tavernas on the seaside with traditional fish and meat dishes.
Each taverna has it’s own facilities, beach beds and parasols are available for relaxation and a drink. There is a large raft where the children can play. It is a great place for the whole family to enjoy themselves. 

Day trips
Direct trips by boat from Pefki are available to two of the Sporades Islands Skiathos and Skopelos. Information at Hotel Galini in Pefki can be found about costs and dates.

In the area on Evia there are many other small beaches and tavernas worth exploring.