Groceries and Market

Supermarkets are open all day, both in Istiea and Pefki. Many restaurants and groceries are paid in cash but most businesses accept pin transactions nowadays. You can withdraw money at the ATM in Pefki & Istiea

Shops in Artemisio
The Baker is on the corner in Artemisio. There you can buy bread, pies, cake and fresh coffee, milk & honey. The shop is open daily from 06:00 till 19:00 hours. There is the most choice in the morning.

is the capital of Northern Evia and has a bustling energy. There you will find shops, boutiques, banks, and restaurants. There are a number of large supermarkets.
Every Monday there is the large market in the square in Istiea. The market is open from approximately 08:00 to 13:00 hours and is worth visiting.