Welcome to Karydia House, Artemisio

Karydia House is located in the village Artemisio on the north coast of the island of Euboea (Evia) close to the famous Pefki beach.

This house has a unique authentic atmosphere. The renovated part is 100 years old and has always been inhabited. We have added an extension and together this has formed a beautiful holiday home with all modern facilities and ideally suited for families with young children. With the exception of two steps everything is on one level and easily accessible to guests with mobility limitations.

Karydia House, is named after the mature walnut tree that provides our terrace with natural sun protection. Come sit under it and enjoy the rustling of the leaves and the warm summer breeze. The house is in a quiet spot at the end of the village with a private terrace to the south. In the garden, in addition to the walnut tree, there is an old olive tree, a fig, an orange and a lemon tree.

Guests from our house have the option for use of a swimming pool. The swimming pool is situated 800 meters away at the excellent Hotel Altamar. 

The seaside is just 1.3 km distant, three minutes by car.

Mythology – Karydiá​

In Greek mythology, the walnut was the symbol of wisdom. The nuts were the food of the gods and were called “jovis luster” (nuts of Jupiter). Eating walnuts reinforced feelings of love. Because of the soft core behind the hard shell of the nut, the walnut was the symbol for “the essential” that hides behind appearances. 

In the story of “Karya”, the god Dionysos falls in love with the beautiful girl. When she died he turned her into a walnut tree. The goddess Artemis brought this news to Karya’s father, who had a temple built next to the tree in memory of his daughter. The Temple of Artemis Karyatis. The walnut pillars were shaped in the form of young women, the Caryatids. The caryatids can be visited at the Acropolis in Athens.